Finding the LogTenPro Raw File (and Backing Up)


Time Machine --

We highly recommend backing up your entire Mac using Time Machine. It is built into your Mac, and its an amazing backup system that backs up all of your files on a regular basis, and completely in the background while you work. This page will help you get setup: Mac 101: Time Machine

Manually --

You are looking for the file called 'LogTenCoreDataStore.sql'. LogTen Pro 6 is a “shoebox” app, like Apple’s iPhoto, or iTunes. If you'd like to make a manual copy of the data, everything about LogTen Pro including it's preferences, reports, images, etc. is stored in the applications "container" located in your home directory at: ~/Library/Containers/com.coradine.LogTenPro6
Be sure to only copy this data, and do not move it unintentionally.

In Mac OS X Lion and above, the Library folder is hidden, you can find it easily by holding down the option/alt key when selecting the Go menu in the Finder.

See an example for file location below after you have opened the Library folder

Cloud Storage --

Many users also automatically backup their logbook data to a cloud storage service. This page will show you how to setup LogTen Pro with Dropbox, and other Cloud storage options.

Another LogTen Pro App --

In addition if you have LogTen Pro on your iPhone or iPad then your data is fully backed up on each device as well, so if any one device (including your Mac) should have a problem you can restore from one of the other devices. Just be sure to sync them on a regular basis!

iOS Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

There are a few options for backing up your iOS device's logbook. We highly recommend using a combination of these to ensure your data is secure. Since they are mobile devices, there is a higher risk of devices being damaged or lost.

iCloud --

iOS 5+ includes an automatic iCloud backup system, utilizing the free 5 GB iCloud storage included with your Apple ID. This page has details on setting it up: iCloud Backup.

When the iCloud backup is turned on, then all app data including your LogTen Pro logbook will be backed up to iCloud whenever your device is plugged in, connected to WiFi, and asleep -- usually when you are!

All apps are included in this backup by default, but it is possible to exclude apps from it to save space. The downside of this backup is that it is not possible to restore data for individual apps, but it is very useful if it becomes necessary to transfer to a new device for any reason.

iTunes --

Unless the iCloud Backup is being used, iTunes will automatically create a backup of your device's data each time you sync (either using the USB cable or over WiFi).

If do use the iCloud Backup, you can also make a backup of your device in iTunes manually. To do this, plug in your device, and open iTunes. Right-click (or command+click) on your device on the left sidebar under DEVICES, and selectBack Up.

If anything ever happens to your device, there is a free tool that can be used to extract an apps data from this iTunes backup.

Note: iTunes only keeps the last automatic backup -- try to avoid syncing if you believe something has happened to your logbook to prevent any good data from being overwritten.

Email --

You can also make a backup of your LogTen Pro data file by going to the More menu within LogTen Pro and then select the Help menu (LogTen Pro 6+).
Switch on the Attach Logbook option (and Include images if you wish -- it may not be possible to email a logbook with numerous images), and then select Email Support.
This will create a new email message, and enter your own email address in the To field, replacing our support email. You will then receive a copy of your LogTen Pro data file (*LogTenCoreDataStore.gz* or in your email inbox.
If anything happens to your device, we can send this file back to you to download right into the app.

Another LogTen Pro App --

And of course if you are syncing to LogTen Pro on another iOS device or a Mac, that app will contain a backup copy of your data.