Print Ready Artwork

The following formats are considered print ready:

Adobe Illustrator. Outline all text and include all embedded images. Save as an eps file.

Adobe Photoshop. Resolution must be set to 300dpi at actual size when starting your new document. Save file as either an eps or tiff.

PDF Files. It is important that the PDF is supplied in the right way. We request that all of our Artwork be supplied as high or press resolution (min300dpi).

These are the options which must be set for printing purposes:
Resolution (Press)
Compression Settings (for colour and greyscale should be down sampled to 300dpi – with “auto impression” set on high)
Font Embedding (should be set to “embed all fonts”).

Microsoft Documents; P3 can use the following formats for printing:
MS Word. We would need to convert your document into a ‘print ready PDF’. We may charge to convert a Microsoft File depending on the content of the file.